Apr 29 2015

How to Prevent Obesity with Proper Weight Management

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proper-weight-managementThey eat too much and they are too lazy to burn the extra calories they take. That’s the common judgment against obese and overweight people. But the truth is, obesity is caused by a lot of factors such as lifestyle, workplace, and peers. Genetics also plays a big role in obesity. Many obese people eat just as much as most people and many of them even work out as hard or even harder as the average person. But because they got bad genes, a little extra food they eat translates to more pounds, and spending an extra hour in the gym does no good for them.

Being lean or having a healthy and normal weight isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never be overweight or obese. You need to start managing your weight before it gets out of control.

How to Properly Manage Weight

The basic trick in weight management is to find what works best for you. Just try all these tips and keep those that suit you well:

Never buy junk. Don’t give yourself a reason to eat potato chips because it’s in the pantry. Don’t let yourself munch on muffins because they’re sitting in the fridge. Make it hard to get these unhealthy treats, so hard they won’t be worth the effort.

Eat more often, in small portions. Starvation actually makes you eat more and may cause weight gain. The best thing to do is to eat more frequently but in small portions.

Exercise and be active . Engaging in a simple exercise routine is a good start to prevent adding more pounds to your weight. You can start with jogging and then try to add more fun activities in your routine like dancing, biking, hiking, or anything that suits your fancy.

Drink more water. The trick is to drink before eating, and while eating. This should make you feel full. Also drink more water throughout the day– your goal is to drink 3 liters of water every day.

Plan your meal. You know what you’re going to eat for the week and won’t be picking anything that’s out of the plan.

Suppress your appetite. Some of us are natural foodies and can’t resist overeating. In this case, appetite suppressants like Phentermine can help. They aid in making you feel full so you don’t eat too often and too much.

Monitor your weight. Regularly monitor your weight, as well as your fat-and-muscle ratio. This should give you an idea if your current weight loss regimen needs some changes.

Do You Need Professional Help?

If your weight seems going up despite your dieting and workout, then it’s a clear sign you need the help of a health care professional. As mentioned, some people get fatter not because of overeating or inactivity. They can be caused by hormones, genes, and other factors. There are also weight management drugs like Phentermine that can only be acquired through doctor’s prescription. Your doctor should also supervise your treatment to monitor your progress.

If you’re doing some heavy workouts to maintain your weight, it is best to have a professional trainer work with you to assess your weight goals. Seeking the help of a nutritionist is also ideal if you have a special diet requirement.

Obesity can be prevented if you are determined and dedicated. Remember that maintaining your ideal weight is not a temporary task that ends after you achieve your goal. Proper weight management must be a complete lifestyle change.

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