Jan 15 2015

Why Appetite Suppressants Are Still the Top Choice for Weight Loss?

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appetite-suppressant-for-weight-lossThere are countless weight loss products being offered in the market today. However, not all of them can promise effective weight loss. Some may provide drastic weight loss effects but others may just result in minimal weight reduction.

If you are one of the many obese Americans who are tired of using different weight loss medications but still failed to get positive results, it is time to reconsider your options. You should now try appetite suppressants. These types of medications are approved by the FDA for obesity treatment so you are guaranteed that they work and safer to use as compared to other options.

Appetite Suppressants: Still the Most Prescribed Weight Loss Drugs

There are a lot of reasons why appetite suppressants like Phentermine, Lorcaserin, and Orlistat, are still the most prescribed weight loss drugs. Health care practitioners all agree about the effectiveness of these medications and the positive long term health benefits that they can offer.

Let’s take Phentermine as an example. The FDA had approved its use three decades ago and has been the preferred appetite suppressant drug by doctors and obese patients in the country. The reasons behind its popularity are attributed to the following:

  • short term obesity treatment, generally recommended for 9-12 weeks treatment
  • has mild and manageable side effects
  • lower cost of treatment as compared with other weight loss drugs
  • users need not starve themselves just to get results
  • available in different dosages so patients can choose the right dosage for them
  • users must engage in physical activities but strenuous workout not necessary
  • helps lower the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, and other obesity-related medical conditions
  • no need to undergo surgery or any medical procedures
  • generally prescribed as a once-a-day dose
  • can be taken by younger obese patients

Although there are natural alternatives to the prescription drug Phentermine, it is still the main choice of obese people. Natural alternatives may also provide the same weight loss effects but the lack of clinical studies and proofs of their efficacy shun some users. In fact, there are some herbal appetite suppressant products that were pulled out from the market because of their serious side effects and failure to meet the requirements set by the FDA.

Phentermine: the Leading Appetite Suppressant Drug

Among the appetite suppressant drugs available today, Phentermine is on top of the competition. It is usually the first option by doctors and health care practitioners when treating obese and overweight people. Phentermine is also proven to encourage faster weight loss than its competitor brands.

In fact, there are countless patients who have positive testimonials about the effectiveness of the drug. Most of the users lost 10 lbs or even more just after a few weeks of taking this appetite suppressant. They were able to lose weight without starving themselves or performing heavy workouts in the gym.

It’s Time to Make the Right Choice

With the right methods and your willingness to undergo lifestyle changes, losing weight will be an easy endeavor. Eat right, be active, and monitor your weight. And lastly, choose the right appetite suppressant medication so you can live a happier and healthier life.

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