Nov 17 2015

What is the Right Diet for Phentermine Users?

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right-diet-for-phentermine-usersPhentermine is an appetite suppressant drug that is commonly prescribed for people who are overweight or obese. It is recommended for individuals with a body mass index of 27 or above. These people are more prone to the health risks associated with obesity, so doctors may prescribe medicines to control their weight gain or help them lose weight faster.

But taking Phentermine alone is not a cure-all formula for your weight problem. There are other effective and proven methods that can help you lose weight while on Phentermine medication. In fact, doctors always recommend a holistic approach when dealing with obesity. They know that using a single method may not be enough to provide positive results. Various factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, genetics, work environment, and other medical conditions of the individual will determine the kind of medication or treatment that the doctor may recommend.

Kind of Diet Critical when Taking Phentermine

The usual recommendation for those who are on Phentermine treatment is to adopt a healthy diet plan. The right kind of diet is very critical since it can affect the success of any weight loss program. If you are one of those who are currently on Phentermine medication, your health care provider may have already advised you to include a healthy diet in your weight loss regimen. This is to ensure healthier and faster weight loss.

But what is the right kind of diet for Phentermine users? Here are some of the diet plans that are highly recommended for those who are taking Phentermine for weight loss:

Low-carb diet. A low carb diet restricts the amount of carbohydrates that you take. It is more focused on eating foods rich in protein, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, and non-gluten grains. You have to avoid foods with high sugar content, as well as seed oils, HFCS, artificial sweeteners, wheat, trans fats, and highly processed foods. The idea behind a low-carb diet is that the stored fats will be used by the body because of lower production of insulin. Faster burning of stored fats in the body will result in weight loss and help in lowering the risk of an individual from suffering diabetes and other medical conditions.

When properly administered, the low-carb diet can help an overweight or obese person lose weight faster. It is better if you have a nutritionist who can guide you in choosing the right kind of food or the number of carbohydrates to take. Please take note that Phentermine is an appetite suppressant so the amount and nutrient content of the food you take must be monitored. Experts recommend 900 to 1300 calories per day, which is equivalent to 225 to 325 grms. of carbohydrates per day. Taking lower than the suggested amount can result in some health risks.

Low-fat diet. As the name suggests, a low-fat diet restricts the intake of fatty foods, particularly those that contain high saturated fats. Fat is one of the reasons why millions of people US are overweight and obese, so taking the right type and amount is very important. A low-fat meal usually contain lean meat, low-fat dairies, vegetables, and fruits.

Phentermine plus Healthy Diet for Successful Weight Loss

You can only succeed in losing those excess weight if you adopt a proven and effective weight loss program. For example, combining Phentermine treatment with a low-fat or low-carb diet plan will surely give you positive results. These diet plans will not result in nutrient deficiency or starvation but are more focused on eating healthy foods. And when you combine these with the appetite suppressing capabilities of Phentermine, you can achieve your dream healthy body in no time.

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