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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Will Phentermine Work for Me?

Phentermine is prescribed to those who are overweight and also have the risk of obesity-associated issues such as hypertension and diabetes. The drug works as an appetite suppressant and should be taken in combination with a diet and exercise plan and as a standalone miracle pill. Read More >>>

2. Which Phentermine Capsule should I Take the Yellow or Blue?

Phentermine is a generic weight loss medication and several brand names of the same are available in the market. The capsules that contain 15 mg of phentermine hydrochloride (HCL) are grey-yellow combination, opaque and have powder.
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3. Where can I Buy Phentermine?

You should bear in mind that buying phentermine without a proper prescription from your doctor is not legal. The internet is full of online stores that claim to sell phentermine without a prescription, but it helps to exercise caution.

4. When will I See the Results while Taking Phentermine?

The results largely depend on how meticulously you follow your physician’s instructions and whether you are taking the pill in association with a good exercise and diet program. Also, you should not increase dosage on your own or extend the duration of the dosage. Read More >>>

5. Is the Fastin Treatment the same as Phentermine?

If you have been looking for information on weight-loss medication, you will now be aware of names like phentermine or Fastin. The former is a prescription weight-loss drug while the latter is available over the counter. Both work towards suppressing a person’s hunger. Read More >>>

6. Is Phentermine Safe to Use?

Like any other medication, phentermine too could cause side-effects, but not in all cases. Also, if you take the pill according to your doctor’s prescription, the risks of side-effects are fewer and the benefits are more.
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7. If Im Pregnant can I Take Phentermine?

No, phentermine cannot be used if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or are breastfeeding your baby. The condition of the baby depends on what the mother takes during pregnancy and weight loss is not recommended during pregnancy.
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8. How Long does Phentermine Stay in your System?

For an individual with an average rate of metabolism, phentermine stays in your body for anywhere between three and five days. If a patient who is on treatment for weight loss undergoes testing for drugs, the results will show positive for the presence of amphetamines. Read More >>>

9. Does Phentermine have Ephedra in it?

No, phentermine does not contain ephedra; both phentermine and ephedra are used as weight-loss drugs, but the similarities stop there. Phentermine has gelatine, magnesium-stearate, titanium oxide and other oxides, but the principal constituent is phentermine hydrochloride. Read More >>>

10. Can you Take Phentermine for a Lifetime?

Phentermine should always be taken under medical supervision, and the length of treatment should be decided by your doctor. Phentermine is a short-term medication, and is usually recommended for use anywhere between three and six weeks, or up to 12 weeks safely. Read More >>>

11. Can my Child Take Phentermine?

If your child is below 16 years of age, doctors don’t prescribe phentermine. The limit is sometimes 18, and in some cases 14 or 12, but in general, growing children are not prescribed phentermine.
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12. Can I Buy Phentermine without a Prescription?

Phentermine is a prescription drug and cannot be bought like any other over-the-counter medication; buying so is illegal. It is an FDA-approved controlled drug; phentermine can be habit-forming drug and your doctor will tell you how to slowly stop taking it as you reach the point where dosage duration ends. Read More >>>

13. Can Anybody Take Phentermine?

There are certain conditions under which you can take phentermine. Above all, you should be obese or overweight (BMI over 29) and the doctor thinks you have the risk of suffering from obesity-related problems. You cannot get phentermine over the counter, so you would need a doctor’s prescription. Read More >>>

14. Are there Alternatives to Taking Phentermine?

If you are looking at alternatives to phentermine, there are several over-the-counter ones available in the market, but be careful to read the instructions carefully or consult your physician. Many of them are not approved by the FDA technically, so the side-effects may not be known. Read More >>>